Tools for TMPM4: The GooseWorks Project

Sam Hunting


Potential adopters of the topic map paradigm often have difficulty understanding the Topic Map Graph, the data model that alone enables XML topic maps to (re)constitute knowledge for interchange over the web, as formally specified in TMPM4. To encourage adoption of the topic map paradigm, we present an engine that fully implements TMPM4, including all the processing rules:

  1. The Subject-based Merging Rule
  2. The Topic Naming Constraint-based Merging Rule
  3. The Scope Merging Rule
  4. The ‘No Redundancies’ Rule
  5. The ‘Node Demander is a Subject Indicator’ Rule

In addition, the engine implements topic map templates. The engine is freely available and can be downloaded at and

Keywords: Topic Maps; Trees/Graphs; Python

Tools for TMPM4

The GooseWorks Project

Sam Hunting

Extreme Markup Languages 2001® (Montréal, Québec)

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