HistoryNet -- In search of truth

Sturla Flem Rinvik
Eszter Horvati


HistoryNet is an unabashed attempt to provide a knowledge system that captures the truth about human history. By providing a semantic framework, online authoring tools and couched in existing standards such as Dewey Decimal System and Topic Maps, HistoryNet allows those with knowledge about events to record such knowledge. By making references a cornerstone of the system, many view points can be expressed and substantiated to varying degrees. Users of such a system are able to navigate and search for events and referential material by utilizing advanced facet classification techniques across several key axis of information access. The approach uses topic maps in what is perhaps its most adventurous outing to date. It uses topic maps in ways that was surely in the minds of the creators when they wanted knowledge and truth to be free, for all, forever.

Keywords: Topic Maps; Knowledge Representation

HistoryNet -- In search of truth

Sturla Flem Rinvik [Stonewall AS]
Eszter Horvati [Ovitas AS]

Extreme Markup Languages 2006® (Montréal, Québec)

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