Semantic resolvers for semantic web glasses

Nikita Ogievetsky


Semantic Resolver is the technology that enables applications to “see” resources through Semantic Glasses by substituting a resource with its translation relevant in a given semantic context. For example, XML Schema can import a resource that points to a Code List. Code List may be stored in UBL Code List format, in an XML Topic Map document, some Metadata repository, etc. During invocation, Semantic Resolver translates Code List to an XML Schema enumeration restriction relevant in the current context. In my earlier works, I used Semantic Web Glasses to translate between different versions of RSS and Atom and to Topic-Map-enable RDF engines. Here I am proposing Semantic Resolvers as the machinery to “hold” Semantic Web Glasses in front “perceiving” applications. This approach enables simplified and transparent maintenance of code lists and other metadata resources.

Keywords: Semantic Web; Metadata

Semantic resolvers for semantic web glasses

Nikita Ogievetsky [Morgan Stanley]

Extreme Markup Languages 2007® (Montréal, Québec)

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